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Natura Vitamin E 400 IU Soft Capsule is a health supplement that contains Vitamin E (dl-α-Tocopherol) in soft capsule dosage form.

Vitamin E or known as Tocopherol is the main component of fat-soluble cells and has a role for the body in providing protection and antioxidants. The antioxidant effect is produced by the phenol ring contained in Vitamin E so that it can help hydrogen which functions to ward off free radicals before damaging cell membranes in the body. Thus, Vitamin E effectively protects cells from damage caused by free radicals so it is important to meet the needs of Vitamin E in the body.

Vitamin E supplementation is effective in boosting the immune system, especially during a pandemic like today. The activity of Vitamin E on the immune system cannot be separated from its antioxidant activity. Cell membranes that are well maintained can increase the production of cytokines. Cytokines are proteins produced by the body's immune system so that the body becomes strong, can increase the proliferation of T cells (a group of white blood cells that work for immunity) so that the body has a defense against viruses.

In addition to its activity on the body's immune system, the antioxidant activity of Vitamin E is effective in helping to maintain healthy skin so that the skin becomes healthier and able to regenerate skin cells from within the body.

For this reason, Natura Vitamin E 400 IU is a Vitamin E supplementation solution, helping to meet the needs of Vitamin E, helping maintain healthy skin and maintaining body resistance.

Natura Lab Vitamin E 400 IU

Natura Vitamin E 400 IU Soft Capsule

Natura Lab Vitamin E 400 IU
Each soft capsule contains:

Vitamin E (dl-α-Tocopherol) 400 IU

% RDA based on diet 2150 kcal = 1790%