Fight Corona with 2 Effective Ways Natura lab

06 MARET 2020

Fight Corona with 2 Effective Ways

To be able to fight the Corona Virus, it's a good idea to first identify its characteristics. According to virologists, Corona Virus (COVID-19) is an enveloped virus, a virus that has a glycoprotein envelope illustrated like a thorny balloon's outer layer. The spikes on the outside consist of protein and have rounded edges like a king's crown (corona), so they are called corona viruses.
This outer layer of protein cover and spines will be very easily destroyed by fat solvents such as soap and detergent. So that with frequent washing our hands, often mopping the floor with disinfectant or liquid floor cleaner, the virus will be destroyed and will not spread again, said Virolog drh. Moh. Indro Cahyono.

So no need to panic excessively, because the corona virus is not as fierce as imagined. Worldwide victims of the corona virus as of March 4, 2020, are 9,470 people. While deaths due to corona virus are at 3,219. Death patterns never move from 2-3%. Means 97% of people affected by the corona virus are still alive and can recover completely.

The body's reaction to the corona virus is as follows:
Day 1: infection reaction the first day of sneezing because of the body's rejection of foreign objects
Days 2-3: colds, because the body's immune system secretes mucus to trap the virus
Days 4-6: fever because there is already inflammation to attract antibodies
Day 7: anti-corona virus antibodies come out of lympha

When the body is exposed to a live virus, all living things need 7 days to adapt to the virus and enter virus-related data into memory cells (memory cells are stored in lympha). Then release the first specific virus antibody within 7 days (primary immune response). Memory cells have a long endurance (can be 30 years, even lifetime), so if there is exposure to a virus that has entered, the lympha will release specific antibodies again in just 24 hours (not 7 days because the memory cells already have data / secondary immune response).

One effective way to ward off corona is to maintain cleanliness and adopt a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, increase the body's immune system or antibodies. One effective way to increase body immunity is to consume foods and drinks that contain curcumin as in: turmeric, ginger, ginger. This is proven scientifically and in line according to Professor of Airlangga University Prof. Airlangga University Dr. Chaerul Anwar Nidom.drh.MS.

Fight Corona with 2 Effective Ways Natura lab

Indonesia has a noble heritage of the archipelago, one of which is the spice which is a biological wealth and nutritious for health. Natura Herbal is the best offering from nature which is processed by PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima, a nature-based company that works with the best natural ingredients in Indonesia, wants to be dedicated to health and well-being for the people of Indonesia and the world with the slogan "Life with Nature".

PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima has complete manufacturing facilities and is built on an area of ​​38,000 m in Pandaan, East Java, Indonesia. Natura already has complete certification in both national and international standards. By applying modern technology and extraction equipment that meets GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. It has also been awarded the ISO International Organization for Standardization for ISO 9001 related to the Quality Management System and ISO 22000 for the Food Safety System. And certainly also comply with national regulations, namely by passing the BPOM RI, CPOTB (Good Traditional Medicine Manufacturing Methods) and HALAL MUI.

Quality is a priority for us, therefore our quality control and assurance standards are designed by company standards through Total Quality Management (TQM). Our main products include: natural ingredients, herbal medicines, food supplements, and healthy foods and drinks. With several product brand names namely: Naturfix, Naturkaf, Natura Herbal, Femalsic, and Arrafi.
One form of concern for Natura Herbal related to Corona Virus outbreaks is to release Natura Herbal Java Turmeric products, namely temulawak extract which has a high curcumin content so that it is good for anti-oxidants and increases endurance. Other products that have a high curcumin content are Naturfix and Naturkaf, with the highest content in turmeric, ginger, and echinachea and contain 16 other nutritious spices which are very effective for increasing endurance (effective against corona virus) and have other properties such as relieving disorders. colds, coughs, colds, and colds.

Author: Aries Ikawati Arifah
Editor: Widi Kusnantoyo