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03 FEBRUARY 2020

Facts gotu kola that can increase brain intelligence

Every parent wants their children to grow up healthy, smart, and have a strong immune system. That's why, various ways are done, starting from providing nutritious food for the baby, consuming honey, date juice, multivitamins, and appetite packaged in syrup bottles to be drunk every day, to utilizing the benefits of herbal plants, the gotu kola plant.


However, is it true that gotu kola can increase brain intelligence? Fact or just a myth? Let's prove the truth!


1. What is gotu kola plant?


Gotu kola is a type of wild plant that is commonly found and grows in plantation areas, roadsides, fields, and even in rice fields. If examined further, this leaf plant originated from tropical Asia which then spread to several countries in Southeast Asia such as Australia, Japan, China, India, also to Indonesia.

Uniquely, it turns out that this plant has a different local name in almost every place. For example, in Aceh, the Pegagan plant is known as Peugaga. The Batak people call it Ampapaga. While the Sundanese call it by a different name again, namely Antanan or Dulang Suddenly. The Malays know it better by the name of Daun Kuda Kuda because its shape is similar to the sole of a horse's foot. The Lombok tribe calls it Bebele, and the Irian tribe calls it Sandanan.

This tiny leafy plant has been used as a herbal plant for natural treatment since ancient times. Starting from drugs for skin diseases, nervous disorders, improving blood circulation disorders, to its properties to increase brain intelligence.


2. Then, what about the nature of the gotu kola plant?


The plant which has the Latin name Centella Asiatica has a sweet taste. With its cooling properties, gotu kola has excellent functions and properties for the body. Some diseases that can be neutralized by using this herbal plant are:

1. Disorders of the circulatory system
2. Difficulty urinating
3. Fever or high fever
4. Bleeding on the body
5. Treat allergies
6. Treating memory difficulties
7. Treating infections caused by bacteria
8. Avoid inflammation
9. Prevents the appearance of keloids (scar tissue that grows excessively)


Among the 9 diseases that can be neutralized with the gotu kola plant above, from function number 6, it can be concluded that gotu kola is able to increase brain intelligence. However, it would be nice, if you also know, what content is contained in the gotu kola plant so that it has various kinds of properties as above.


3. Researching what are the contents of the gotu kola plant


Some of the diseases above can be neutralized by the gotu kola plant, because this plant has natural ingredients that are stored in almost all parts of the plant. Here is the complete content in the gotu kola plant:

1. Asiaticoside
2. Thankuniside
3. Isothankuniside
4. Madecassoside
5. Brahmoside
6. Brahmic Acid
7. Brahminoside
8. Madasiatic Acid
9. Meso-Inositol
10. Centelloside
11. Carotenoids
12. Hydrocotylin
13. Vellarine
14. Tanin
15. Mineral salts (iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium).


4. Is it true that gotu kola can increase brain intelligence?


A study was successfully carried out by Govt. Siddha Medical College in the city of Palayamkottai, India. The research was conducted by two experts named R. Uthaya Ganga and B Sathya on 15 children who had mental disabilities. The fifteen children were given 500 milligrams of powdered extract from the gotu kola plant for one full month.

The results are very surprising because it turns out that the extract powder from the gotu kola plant is able to increase brain intelligence and has a very significant effect on increasing and developing their IQ. The IQ of the fifteen children increased by 4.6%. Children who were originally passive, often restless, and tend to be shy, are now more active, cheerful, communicative, and cooperative.


5. Gotu kola extract as a supplement to improve memory and brain intelligence


Now, you don't have to bother preparing gotu kola leaves for processing whose taste may not be liked by your children. You also don't need to add honey or sugar to make the taste sweeter, because the result will be the same, still unpleasant and strange in their mouths.

There is a more practical way for you to use. When almost all parents switch to consuming gotu kola plant extract, why don't you try it?

Now Present Naturfix. Herbal ingredients produced by PT Natura Laboratoria Prima containing 8 of the best and efficacious natural herbal plants, including:


1. Gotu kola which serves to increase the intelligence of the child's brain, avoiding senility
2. Chili Java to increase stamina to stay fit with the hectic daily activities
3. Turmeric as a pain reliever (analgesic) and to smooth the skin
4. Lime as antibacterial, treat itchy throat, reduce fever or fever
5. Cinnamon as an anti-bloating, relieve diarrhea, and treat ulcer disease
6. Black Pepper to relieve dizziness, chills, and body aches
7. Ginger helps your body to avoid nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness
8. Peppermint as a nasal and throat lozenge when a cold or flu hits.


The way Naturfix works is very synergistic. By using the efficacy through the isolation & screening process with high technology, Naturfix is processed and produced by factories with international standards. That is why, from Naturfix, you and your family can take advantage of the powerful benefits that only this herbal concoction has to maintain a healthy body and maintain your stamina every day.

Apparently, gotu kola is able to increase brain intelligence is a fact and not a myth. Now, you can take full advantage of the Gotu kola plant from the Naturfix herbal concoction. Come on, make daily consumption for you and your family from now on!

With Naturfix, healthy, smart, and smart children, you and your family are free from senility and stay healthy, fit, and have stamina every day!