CEO Message

Indonesia is famous for its rich diversity of fruit, flower and herbal species. Unfortunately, most of these natural goodness has not been explored by high knowledge and advanced technologies yet. We feel proud that PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima is dedicated to selection of highest quality herbs and medicinal plants from Indonesia and process them into added value natural products under trained and skilled human resources with advanced knowledge and technology.

Our services includes right from providing raw material in powder and liquid form extract to finished products such as herbal medicines, food supplements, cosmetics, food and beverages that are significant for the improvement of human being life quality. This is in line with our mission that emphasizes the development of public health, locally and internationally.

Since PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima was established in year 2004, the company has been developing many innovative natural products reaching to over 200 items of natural ingredients from various fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. Moreover, we are open and flexible to formulations requests on natural ingredient products such as: pure form, individual or combination powder and liquid extracts of tropical fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. We have also been developing various herbal medicines, food supplements covering many therapeutic classes.

We realize that utilization of natural resources should not be destroyed or exploited but simultaneously we take the responsibility to maintain & sustain the environment. With this philosophy, we develop collaboration program with the farmer who is expert and has access to provide the raw material. We also tie up with the University who has access to deliver the knowledge on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP). Through this program, the company will enable to have sustainability in standardized material supply without destroying the environment.

PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima is committed to the welfare of the disadvantaged communities as part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities. We appreciate every effort and hard work by our farmers and their families and others share holders, because they are making our presence here now.

All this will guide us to dedicate the natural healthy life to the community by using our natural products.

Edy Pramono