Naturlibi Film Coated Tablet

NATURLIBI is a supplement that contains Tribulus terrestris (Rujak Polo) extract and Eurycoma longifolia (Pasak Bumi) extract. Rujak Polo has Protodioscin which is responsible for the Aphrodisiac activity. Protodioscin increases serum testosterone production and enchances spermatogenesis. As well as Rujak Polo, Pasak Bumi also has been popular for it's aphrodisiac properties for male and was claimed highly effective to improve strength and power during sexual activity.

Each film coated caplet of NATURLIBI contains :

Tribulus terrestris Fructus Extract 250 mg
Eurycoma longifolia Rhizoma Extract 100 mg

NATURLIBI is indicated to help support men's stamina.

Three times daily, 1 - 2 film coated caplets.
Maximum use for 90 days.

Caution in patients with hypertension and diabetes.

NATURLIBI Film Coated Caplets
Box, 3 Strips @ 10 Film Coated Caplets
Reg. No. POM TR202539721