Lessuric Film Coated Caplet

LESSURIC is a food supplement which contains Syzygium polyanthum Folium extract (Salam), Andrographis paniculata Herba extract (Green Chiretta), Curcuma xanthorrhiza (Java Turmeric) Rhizoma extract, and Piper nigrum Fructus extract that intended to reduce joint pain by lowering uric acid. Salam Leaves have been traditionally used as medicine against Hyperuricemia and Inflammation, because it's substances like Flavonoids influence the uric acid level by inhibiting xanthine oxidase activity.

Likewise in Green Chiretta Herb, it also has xanthine oxidase inhibition, and analgesic activities that help to relieve joint pain and lowering the uric acid level. Piperidine in Piper nigrum or Black Pepper and a compound called BjCH1 also show activities in inhibiting xanthine oxidase and scavenging the superoxide radical which generated by the hypoxanthine-xanthine oxidase reaction system. Besides of that, Curcuminoid & Xanthorrhizol from Java Turmeric are show it's potential efficacies as anti-inflammatory. Therefore LESSURIC is an excellent formula for lowering uric acid level and treating joint pain.

Each film coated caplet of LESSURIC contains :

Syzygium polyanthum Folium extract 144 mg
Andrographis paniculata Herba extract 400 mg
Curcuma xanthorrhiza Rhizoma extract 160 mg
Piper nigrum Fructus extract 133 mg

LESSURIC is indicated to help reduce the joint pain by lowering uric acid level in blood.

Three times daily, 2 film coated caplet.
Maintenance : Three times daily, 1 film coated caplet.

LESSURIC Film Coated Caplets
Box, 3 strips @ 10 film coated caplets
Reg. No. POM TR182513071