Kemoheal Film Coated Caplet

KEMOHEAL is a food supplement that contains Curcuma longa L. (Kunyit) and Kaempferia rotunda L. (Temu Rapet). Kunyit has a lot of health benefits like antioxidant and anti-cancer. Besides Kunyit, Temu Rapet also has several health benefits like increase the appetite and treat stomach upset or dysentery. Kunyit will inhibit the cancer cell growth and proliferation, while Temu Rapet will help suppress the side effects of Chemotherapy or the effects of the cancer itself like loss of appetite or other gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore KEMOHEAL is very potential for maintaining & improving health for them who suffering from cancer.

Each film coated caplet of KEMOHEAL contains :

Curcuma longa Rhizoma Extract 500 mg
Kaempferia rotunda Rhizoma Extract 300 mg

KEMOHEAL is indicated to help maintaining the health for patients with cancer.

Three times daily, 1 film coated caplet.

- Consult with your physician before using KEMOHEAL.
- Only used as a second/companion/support drug in cancer therapy.
- Not recommended in patients with bile duct obstruction, cholangitis, liver disease, gallstones & other gall diseases and acute renal failure.
- Not recommended for children younger than 12 years.
- Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women

KEMOHEAL Film Coated Caplets
Box, 3 Strips @ 10 Film Coated Caplets
Reg. No. POM TR202540821