Arrafi's Etawa Goat Milk

Etawa Goat Milk Powder "Arrafi" is the right solution to fulfill family nutrition. Taken from fresh milk, the purest type of Etawa goat. From various scientific studies that in terms of nutrition, composition, and natural properties etawa goat milk has a content that is closer to breast milk and better than cow's milk (according to research from the Journal of American Medicine)

The goodness of Arrafi's milk:

- Taken from the purest Etawa goat milk source from the best farms
- Hygienically processed and packaged so that it doesn't smell of prengus at all
- Chemical free and without added flavorings.
- The solution for those who are lactose intolerant.

Nutrition :
- High in calcium and fat, but very low in cholesterol
- Fat and protein are easier to digest
- Better source of nutrients and minerals than cow's milk (closer to breast milk)
- Good source of major vitamins
- Low in lactose so it doesn't cause allergies

Benefits :
- Good for digestive and respiratory disorders
- Strengthens bones
- Improve the metabolic system
- Maintain healthy skin
- Protect the heart

Perfect Your Family's Nutrition with the Best Milk Purity