Indonesia is home to 250 million people and one of the pharmerging country in Asia. For centuries, Indonesians are very familiar with herbal medicines (Jamu) for maintaining the health and treating the disease.

In line with the trend 'Back to Nature', the herbal medicine business in Indonesia has been growing very fast and giving the company opportunities to increase the revenue from it. Believing that marketing and distribution activities are the key success factors in achieving our corporate strategy, we do our best effort to strengthen our marketing and distribution networks.

Following our success in Indonesia, we would like to introduce the goodness of our herbal medicines to the world by applying advanced pharmaceutical technology to create high quality and innovative products. We are now spreading our wings on exporting herbal medicines, therefore our products are now under registration in various countries around the world.

In order to create marketing networks, we established our representative marketing offices both locally in every provinces of Indonesia and internationally in Vietnam and will be in other countries like CIS countries, Myanmar, Srilanka, Singapore, Africa, etc.

Considering the importance of distribution network, the company appointed national as well as international distributors. In selecting distributor as our business partner, we are concerned with the qualification of the distributor like the distributor should have wide coverage area, good logistic management, strong financial management, and good relationship with outlets and our customers.