Dedicate an advanced technology and knowledge to provide high quality of natural products for a better life.

PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima is a nature - based company that aims to present natural ingredients & natural finished products for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages industries for both domestic and international markets. PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima applies modern production and laboratory facilities with international standard. The plant facility was built in 2003 on 38,000 m² at Pandaan, East Java, Indonesia and started operating since 2005 with design in accordance to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and in consideration to the concept of process efficiency in order to compete in both national and international markets.
We are the specialist in the below categories of products:

Natural Food Ingredients:
  • Tropical fruit extracts in powder and liquid forms
  • Vegetable extracts in powder and liquid forms
  • Combination of fruits and vegetables extracts in powder and liquid forms
  Food Supplements:
  • In many kinds of dosage forms such as tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, and sachet powders
Medicinal Plants Extracts:
  • Herbal medicinal plant extracts in powder and liquid forms
  • Flower essential oils
  • Barks (woods)
  • Food supplements


To be the leading nature-based pharmaceutical company in both national and international level focusing on the development and improvement of public health.


  • PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima provides high quality pharmaceutical products for public health, which includes generic medicines, branded medicines, OTC and herbal medicines that are responsible to national and international standard.
  • PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima holds a strong commitment to improve public health through the application of science and technology that is supported by sustainable development of human resources.
  • PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima develops cooperation with relevant distributors & companies based on mutual benefit cooperation for the development of public health.