Each gram cream contains : Curcumae rhizoma extr (Xanthorrhizol oil 28-30%) 20 mg
Helps to treat acne
Apply a thin film, once a day to the affected area after the skin has been cleansed
Box, 1 tube @ 5 grams
Each film coated caplet contains :
- Astaxanthin 5 mg
- Zinc 2.5 mg
- Selenium 0.075 mg
Helps to maintain healty body
1 film coated caplet once a day after meal
Box, 3 strips @ 10 film coated caplets
Each film coated caplet contains:
- Echinacea angustifolia extract 200 mg
- Black elderberry extract 400 mg
- Phyllanthus niruri extract 150mg
Helps to maintain the immune system (as antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant, and immunostimulant)
1 film coated caplet once a day after meal
Box, 5 strips @ 10 film coated caplets
Each 5 mL syrup contains :
- Echinacea purpurea extract 250 mg
- Black elderberry extract 200 mg
- Goji berry 200 mg
- Honey 20 mg
Helps to maintain the immune system
- Adult and Children > 6 years old :
1 - 3 times daily, 1 measuring spoon (5 mL)
- Children 2-6 years old:
1 - 2 times daily, 1 measuring spoon (5 mL)
Box, 1 bottle @ 60 mL
Each 5 mL syrup contains :
- Zingiber officinale extract 200 mg
- Cinnamomum burmannii extract 250 mg
- Citrus aurantifolia extract 250 mg
- Echinacea purpurea extract 150 mg
- Adhatoda vasica extract 62.5 mg
- Thymi extract 600 mg
- Licorice extract 1000 mg
- Oleum menthae piperitae 50 mg
- Help to relieve coughs due to colds and flu - Effective as secretolytic,spasmolytic and antitussive in respiratory tract diseases, such as bronchitis
- Adult:
3-4 times daily, 1 measuring spoon (5 mL)
- Children :
3 times daily, 1/2 measuring spoon (2,5 mL)
Box, 1 bottle @ 60 mL

PT Natura Laboratoria Prima has been developing herbal medicinal products which have efficacy and safety to treat many diseases such as liver disorders, indigestion, skin disorders like acne, immunity, etc. One of our key product Acnezol is very effective in treating acne. Acnezol contains xanthorrizol which is isolated from Curcuma xanthorrizae. Xanthorrizol in Acnezol is very effective againts microbes and inhibits the growth of some bacterias which are known to cause acne. Based on the results of research done by Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia in 2011-2012 proves that xanthorrizol (Bioactive Substance in Acnezol) is effective for killing Staphylococcus aureus and propionibacterium acne bacterias with Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of 1%

Natursif Syrup, which is another key product from PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima helps in relieving cough with phlegm or thins phlegm, relieves cough and cold symptoms, reduce the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma and helps in reducing bloating and nausea that often accompanies coughing. Natursif contains various herbal extracts (extract of Zingiber officinalle, extract of Cinnamomum burmanii, extract of Citrus aurantifolia, extract of Echinacea purpurea, extract of Adhatoda vasica, extract of Thymi, extract of Licorice), and Oleum menthae piperitae

Echinatur : Another main product of PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima is very useful to help maintain and increase immune system from various diseases because it contains Echinacea angustifolia extract which has antiviral activity to protect cells from lethal viral infection and Phyllanthus niruri extract which contains quercetin (flavonoid substance) that inhibits the synthesis of histamine which is an important mediator in allergic dermatitis